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Thank you all for your business and purchases, we are still in transition in moving our inventory from eBay’s platform to this site. In the mean time if you are looking for a part you are welcome to contact us and ask for the part you are looking and we will gladly search our database. This month we did away with our promotional free shipping and we are back to our normal free shipping to USA with $40+ purchases. We are also offering a Free shipping coupon for the month of October only Free-S-20 (Free shipping to USA with $20+ purchases. Hope you are all safe and doing well.


We continue to add listing to this site daily.  Our plan is to have this site as our main site, and continue to sell to our eBay followers for as long as we can. eBay continues to have glitches and issues and our sales on that platform have continued to drop. Hope you are all doing well and will have a safe and happy Labor day weekend coming up.


We have down sized our eBay store, and have started listing items is bulk in order to liquidate our inventory.  Let us know if you need a customized listing and we will add it to accommodate your needs.


We are closed for business from July 11 to Juky 13th 2018. Thanks you for your visit. Our apology for the inconvenience.


We have gone back to our shipping special. Free Shipping to continental USA when $25 or more is purchased. We have tried to close the eBay store and only sell through this site, but our eBay store is a good seller even though is costly. Therefore we are continuing to list items here and our eBay Store, and you can also purchase from us on our Bonanza store.


We have set all listing with free shipping to continental USA. In some items we have to list the items in small lots in order to justify for free shipping. if you prefer to buy just one or a smaller amount we can customized your order and send you an invoice through PayPal you will be charged for our shipping cost. Hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for the purchases.


Free shipping to continental USA when you purchase $25 or more. Visit our inventory page often as we are trying to continue to build this page to let our customers know of our inventory. Do note that you can send us an email telling us the Sku# and brief part description you want with the quantity, we will then send you an invoice through PayPal with the shipping cost and taxes if applicable. Free shipping on orders over $25.


We have lowered our Free Shipping to U.S. Addresses from $35 to $25. This is a promotional rate.  We are also in the process of lowering prices on some items in order to make room in our warehouse for new products. Do note that we work with our customers: In some item we list in small lots and we can also customize most orders up or down.  Hope you are all doing well.


We have turned off our promotional free shipping on all items and have replaced with Free shipping to United States addresses when $35 or more will be purchased. Our normal rate is free shipping when you purchase $45 or more.

We had extended our 20% off coupon till today, and now we have turned that off. We will be offering other coupons through our

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Do note that on our Fasebook, Instagram, and Twitter we advertise and promote electronics parts from our eBay store and this site. We continue to make changes daily and we are in the process of making sure that the listing on this site are not also showing on our eBay store.


Get 20% Discount when you spend $40 or more. Coupon Code:  Discount-40

Twenty percent discount coupon is good till June 30, 2017


Site has been upgraded in order to be in compliance with WooCommerce shopping cart.


As of today, WooCommerce store made changes that all sellers must have a secured site in order to use the WooCommerce store regardless if the seller process credit cards or not. We have always used PayPal as our credit card processor and we do not keep any credit card information from our buyers. We are presently in the process of securing our site and adding the needed HTTPS. We hope to be up and running within the next couple of days. In the mean time visit our eBay store where we are running a 3 days store wide sale.


We are in the process of adding more inventory to this site at a higher discounted price than our eBay store. Do note we continue to sell more through our eBay store than this site. The reason for that is that we have been selling through eBay for 17 years and we have many regular customers who find us through eBay.


We are running a Two Day Store wide sales on our eBay Store. Visit us for your needs of hard to find electronic parts for your projects and hobbies.


We are presently running a store wide sale on our eBay store for the start of April. Sale ends Tuesday 4/4/17 or while supplies last. Do note we also offer free shipping to continental USA addresses and we are also running a promotion with an additional 10% off when you buy $30 or more worth of merchandise So you will get 21% off till Tuesday 4/4/17


Hello folks we had to do a drastic change on our eBay store international shipping practices.  We have been doing our own international shipping for the last 17 years to most countries. For the last two years international shipping has become more challenging for us. We have lost several packages, and therefore have decided to change to eBay’s global shipping services. We are aware this has a higher cost to the buyer. The nice thing is that its track-able and guaranteed to get to your destinations. For this reason we have downgraded the countries we ship to through our eBay Store in order to match eBay’s global shipping services. Thanks you for your business and hope you are all doing well.


We continue to make changes and add new listing daily to this site and our eBay store. You are welcome to buy from this site or our eBay store. Presently there’s more items on our eBay store. We have been selling through eBay’s platform for 17 years and is the place where our regular customers continue to find us.


We have been selling through eBay’s platform since 2001. We are in the process of moving most of the products from our eBay store to our website shop site.  The main reason is that eBay will be requiring UPC codes on all products. This creates a problem for us. We specialize in hard to find electronic parts which never had assigned UPC codes.