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 Title / DescriptionSku#$ ea.Qty
Air-Tex Electronic Lacing Tape #17X Type 158$16.456
Vishay Chip Resistors SMD 10K 1% RT1 CRCW0603 7" Reel 5000/Reel 99$9.65200
Amphenol Connector Cap with Chain MPN 91-CCC3100$3.6214
10 - ITT Transistors-2N3300-GP-Leads-TO39101$0.5579
GE Vacuum Tube 8LT8102$4.981
GE Vacuum Tube GL5964 High-Mu Twin Triode [sku102]102$5.421
NTE74161 TTL ヨ Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counter with Direct Clear 16 Pins106$1.845
HH Smith Insulated Meter Type Tip Jack MPN 282 Black107$1.4880
AMC Vacuum Tube #6216108$5.021
CBS Vacuum Tube #1L4108$4.651
2N481 UST Transistor PNP (Ge) Germanium Oscillator Mixer TO39109$3.6810
Ge Vacuum Tube 6W6GT110$2.651
2N2483 ITT Transistor Silicon Complementary General Purpose113$4.1210
2N393 LTE Germanium Transistor113$6.452
2N976 SES Transistor Germanium PNP Transistor RF/IF Amp113$4.086
MST 2N570 Germanium Complementary Transistors Power Output113$3.6510
HVJ-1/16 Bussmann Fuse High Voltage Fuse 5" by ¾"114$5.4415
470uF 50VDC Capar Electrolytic Capacitor Radial115$0.55440
2N2138 Motorola Transistor Germanium PNP Audio Frequency Power Amplifier118$8.652
Sprague KoolOhm Power Resistor 16K Ohm 25 Watt Wire Wound Ceramic Hollow Core118$3.022
62 Ohm 1/4 Watt 5% Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistor RC07GF620J120$0.11637
35K Ohm 25 Watt Atlas Wire Wound Power Resistor RW353R25W121$4.6511
1AY2A General Electric Vacuum Tube126$6.223
25W6GT GE Vacuum Tube129$4.651
6T8A GE Vacuum Tube129$4.121
12AL5 RCA Vacuum Tube129$5.851
6KA8 GE Vacuum Tube129$4.221
6KT8 GE Vacuum Tube129$4.231
Cornell Dubilier Electrolytic Capacitor 15 MFD 250 WV CE31F150M 5-52130$11.6512
Bomac Light Source Bulb J-7 BMS-201131$4.652
HWA-AF Bussman Fuse Holders Industrial Bi-Pin Holders131$5.4519
GE Incandescence Bulb Double Contact Bayonet Base 5.4 Volt MPN 1612132$3.942
National IC SL6123132$3.844
62K Ohm 1 Watt 5% Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistor RC32GF623J133$0.2568
Sangamo Capacitor Dry Electrolytic 10/80/80 MFD 450/250/250 VDC Aluminum Can135$12.681
Amphenol Receptacle - 3 Pole Polarized Motor Socket 60-F137$2.3536
Allen Bradley Resistor 240 Ohm 1/2 Watt 5% JAN Type RCR20G241JS138$0.2518
GI Transistor 2N1372 Germanium Complementary Transistors Power Output138$2.8530
Motorola IC MC8241L138$1.651
Daleohm Potentiometer Trimmer 1K Ohm 15% Tolerance C12W1K15%140$0.98100
Battery Connector for 9 Volt Batteries with Leads HH Smith MPN 1234141$0.455
Female Twin-Ax inline Splice Connector #9081141$5.981
75K Ohm 20 Watt UTS Power Resistor Wire Wound Ceramic Hollow Core A75000WL143$2.8512
2N3228 Transitron Power Transistor Case TO3145$1.0517
180K Ohm 1/2 Watt 10% Ohmite Carbon Composition Resistor RC20GF184K146$0.25200
1800pF 1KV 10% RMC High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor GP218147$0.32130
3Q4 Ken-Rad Vacuum Tube149$5.021
Omron Long Lever Switch Z-15HW24-B7-K 15 Amps 480VAC149$5.951
Omron Short Lever Switch #Z-15GL-B7-K 15Amps 480VAC149$5.981
30K Ohm 5% 20 Watt Vitreous Enameled Power Resistor Hollow Core151$5.8512
3.3Meg Ohm 1 Watt 10% IRC Carbon Composition Resistor RC32GF335K155$0.25500
Workman Model X2, Xtend-it, Plug & Socket 24" Extension Harness 156$6.851
Goodman Capacitor PIO .01 MFD 200VDC MPN 274-2121B158$4.851
Motorola IC MC1458L Made in Korea158$4.723
NTE1036 Integrated Circuit .7 Watt Audio Amp158$4.651
Transistor 2N4275 NPN Silicon Complementary General Purpose T158$1.93400
General Electric Vacuum Tube 6JC8160$2.355
CRL Rotary Switch Centralab PA-2035 12 Poles 2 Pos. Non-Shorting Steatite with Knob162$14.621
8.2 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% IRC Vintage Style Carbon Composition Resistor RC42GF825J163$0.4558
Potentiometer Shaft Protector / Adapter PAL #4811164$4.8956
Aerovox Capacitor P30J 10uF 100VDC CP53B1FB106K1 P30J165$8.021
2N1395 Amperex Germanium Complementary Transistors Oscillator Mixer for AM Radio Medium Speed Switch166$3.651
2N3721 Silicon NPN Transistor UHF Oscillator for Tuner166$2.4510
2N3821 N-Channel JFET Silicon Transistor General Purpose AF AmplifierTO106166$6.453
GTC 2N4136 Germanium Complementary Transistors Medium Power Amplifier166$2.685
LTE 2N2094 Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier Switch166$2.5510
Philips Resistor 60K Ohm 1 Watt 10% Carbon Comp RC32GF603K166$0.2528
Ge Vacuum Tube 5FV8 / 5BR8167$4.883
Ge Vacuum Tube 6GJ7 / ECF801167$4.651
Ge Vacuum Tube 6KS6 / 6BN6167$4.621
RCA Vacuum Tube 8AR11167$6.021
Standard Sound Take Off Coil XM-752168$5.952
NTE5511 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Case: TO66170$6.121
2N1533 Clevite Transistor (Ge) Germanium Audio Power Amp TO3172$6.451
Dale Precision Resistor 2.21K Ohm 1% Tolerance ¼ Watt RN60D173$0.0945
NTE38 Silicon Complementary Transistors High Voltage173$3.881
Dale Precision Resistor 15.4K Ohm 1% Tolerance 3 Watt Type RS-2B176$3.6545
Ohmite Resistor 680K Ohm 2Watts 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF684J177$0.4538
General Electric Mylar Film Radial Capacitors 0.075 MFD 600V 10% MF175uF600VK178$1.2434
2N45 PNP (Ge) Germanium Power Output Driver Transistor UST180$3.557
Sprague KoolOhn Ceramic Power Resistor 9.5K Ohm 10W RW952R10W184$1.8255
Philips Resistor 240 Ohm 1 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC32GF241J188$0.32130
Ohmite Resistor 3.3meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF335J191$0.32166
Ohmite Resistor 1.6 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF165J193$0.3248
Ohmite Resistor 1.8 Meg Ohm 2Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF185J194$0.3278
Clarostat Greenohm Vetrious 7000 ohm 20 Watt VPR-20-H195$1.389
GE-53 PNP Germanium Transistor 1.4 Mhz RCA SK3004195$2.851
GE-17 NPN Silicon Transistor 250 Mhz FM/RF/Osc196$2.881
GE-45 NPN Silicon Transistor 200 Mhz Power Switching196$1.961
Heavy Duty Banana Jack Red HH Smith 219200$1.05140
Omite Resistor 680K Ohm 2 Watt 10% Carbon Comp RC42GF684K201$0.3257
BU Transistor BU406 Silicon NPN Transistor Power Amp202$1.356
H Transistor 2N3638 Silicon Complementary Transistors Audio Output202$0.5532
ETCO Transistor 2N1566A Silicon NPN General Purpose Audio Amplifier203$1.4510
LTE T1804 Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier Switch203$1.1520
IRC Resistor 3.6 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF365J204$0.4210
IRC Resistor 8.2 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF825J204$0.4210
Astron Electrolytic Capacitor 100/40/80/20 MFD 300/50/25/25 VDC EYO-2235206$12.561
IRC Resistor 1.6 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF165J206$0.4264
Ohmite 350 Ohm Type AB 2 Watt Potentiometer CLU-3511 Locking208$6.852
Generic Capacitor 82pF 600V Tubular Ceramic MPN 82pF600V209$0.12600
Ohmite Resistor 16K Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF163J210$0.32135
S Transistor 2N3611 Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Frequency Power Amplifier211$9.982
UST TO-103 Germanium Complementary Transistors Medium Power Amplifier211$0.93100
2N3645 Germanium Complementary Transistor Medium Power Amplifier212$1.458
KRC 2N769 Germanium PNP Transistor RF IF Amp FM Mixer OSC212$1.924
Micro-Ohm Precision Power Resistor 12K Ohm 5% 25 Watt RH-25 Micro-Ohm RH25W12KJ212$2.652
SES 2N4072 Silicon Complementary Transistors General Purpose212$1.852
Bussman Fuse Dual Element Fuse 250V 1Amp FRN-1214$3.656
Bussman Fuse TRON Rectifier 500V KBH 80214$4.565
GE Vacuum Tube 1S4215$2.324
General Electric Incandescent Bulbs 15Watt 115-125V 115-12JV215$2.983
Sprague KoolOhn Ceramic Power Resistor 3.3K Ohm 10W 5% RW332R10W217$1.4516
Amphenol Mono Mike Connector 80-M218$1.253
Cinch Jones Terminal Block 2 Position Feed through 2-140Y218$1.451
GSI Zener Diode 1N715A 1/2 Watt 5% Tolerance DO35 2.4 to 200V218$0.2214
MST Transistor 2N552 Silicon NPN Audio Amplifier218$2.957
IRC Resistor Vintage Style 5.6 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 10% Carbon Comp RC42GF565K219$0.3570
HH Smith Red Binding Post Nickel Plated220$1.3613
RCA 40264 Transistor Cross Reference with NTE124220$4.654
Allen Bradley Resistor 18 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% JAN Type Carbon Comp RCR42G186JS222$0.4222
5K Ohm 38 Watt RW35G502 Ceramic Hollow Core Wire-wound Power Resistor225$4.454
Astron Electrolytic Capacitor 20-40-100-80MFD / 475-300-50-25V EYQ-2275227$6.981
Ohmite Resistor 130K Ohm 2Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF134J227$0.4518
RMC Capacitor 1500pF 2KV Axial Ceramic Disc 215pF2KV228$0.2545
AAD9 Mike Stand Coupler229$4.851
Cambion Gold Plated Wire Wound 18 Pin IC Socket 703-4318-03-03-00229$1.055
Allen Bradley Resistor 750 Ohm ½ Watt 5% JAN Type Carbon Comp RCR20G751JS230$0.2530
X-Acto X211 #11 5- Blades for Precision Instrument Handle A230$3.651
GE GEZD-56 1 Watt Silicon Zener Diode 56V 5% Tolerance231$1.252
GE-11 NPN Silicon Transistor 200 MW 700 Mhz SK3293231$3.251
GE-22 PNP Silicon Transistor 200 Mhz RCA SK3118231$1.951
GE-227 PNP Silicon Transistor 50 Mhz High Voltage Amp Driver231$1.941
GE-246 NPN Silicon AF Power Switching Transistor231$2.451
GE-273MP Silicon Transistor AF Power Amp and Switch 70 Mhz ECG300MP231$2.951
GE-361 NPN Darlington Power Transistor ECG259 SK3978231$2.981
GE-92 NPN Silicon Transistor Horizontal Deflection231$1.951
GE-FET-3 N Channel Junction Silicon Field EffecTransistor231$3.651
GE 5 Watt 5% Tolerance 13 Volt Zener Diode GE5ZD-13232$1.952
GE-334 PNP Silicon Transistor AF RF Power Amp and Driver TO-92 Japan232$0.971
GE-530 Silicon Fast Switch'G Diode TV Scan Circuits DO-29232$0.892
GE5ZD-3.3 5 Watt Silicon Zener Diode USA232$0.981
GE5ZD-5.8 5 Watt Silicon Zener Diode Japan232$0.981
GEMR-4 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) General Electric232$3.023
GEZD-110 1 Watt Silicon Zener Diode USA Replaces SK3099232$1.981
GEZD-170 Zener Diode232$1.851
GEZD-180 1 Watt 5% Tolerance 180 Volt Zener Diode DO-7232$0.981
GEZD-190 1 Watt Silicon Zener Diodde USA232$0.981
GEZD-25 Zener Diode 5 Watt 5% Tolerance 25 Volt DO-29 Japan232$1.882
GEZD-28 Zener Diode232$1.852
NTE5307 Si Bridge Rectifier232$0.951
NTE552 Silicon Fast Recovery Rectifier DO41 Replaces ECG552 SK9000232$0.983
Cambion Solder Turret #2755-03 Factory Sealed Pack 100/pK233$3.653
ED Transistor 2N2479237$3.8916
Sprague 16 Ohms 17Watt WW Ceramic Hollow Core Power Resistor 16R17W238$2.242
TruOhm Resistor 140 Ohm 3 Watt Wire Wound RW59G141238$0.3533
Transistron Rectifier TR401239$3.452
Philips Resistor 120K Ohm 2Watt 10% Carbon Comp RC42GF124K240$0.3847
Stockpole JAN Type Carbon Comp Resistor 1.8K Ohm 5% ½ Watt RCR20G182JS242$0.2680
STC Transistor 2N1015 Mil Type Gold Plated243$11.652
100 Ohm 30 Watt Wire-Wound Power Resistor CAO 63583 Style W Class 63244$3.6512
H IC Chip 14 Pin CD74ACT32E245$1.455
H IC Chip 20 Pin CD74ACT241EX245$1.655
Ohmite Resistor 3.9 Meg Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF395J245$0.3280
Eagle Heavy Duty Power Cord Plug / Connector w/ Clamp 2 Pin #16-871 Eagle247$1.653
Vishay Dale 2.26K Ohm 1% 1/8 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor RN60C2261F247$0.5524
Vishay Dale 2.32K Ohm 1% 1/8 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor RN60C2321F247$0.5514
Vishay Dale 2.43K Ohm 1% 1/8 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor RN60C2431247$0.5523
Vishay Dale 2.49K Ohm 1% 1/8 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor RN60C2491F247$0.5512
Vishay Dale 2.74K Ohm 1% 1/8 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor RN60C2741F247$0.5524
D-Sub 9 Pin BNC Adapter Aim Electronics MPN 40-9709249$0.4523
IRC Resistor 1.1K Ohm ¼ Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC07GF112J250$0.09175
RMC Ceramic Disc Capacitor 6800pF (.0068uF) 1KV 20% Z5U MPN GP268M252$0.22230
IRC Potentiometer 2500 Ohm 1 Watt Wire Wound Volume Control253$1.656
2N6677 Clevite Power Transistor NPN CL9023 15A 350V TO3254$4.854
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 1K Ohm 10 Watt 5% (2/pk) NTE10W210254$4.451
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 10K Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W310 (2/pk) RoHS254$4.451
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 150 Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W115 (2/pk) RoHS254$4.451
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 220 Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W122 (2/pk) RoHS254$4.211
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 330 Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W133 (2/pk) RoHS254$4.542
NTE Flameproof Power Resistor 47 Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W047 (2/pk) RoHS254$4.251
NTE Power Resistor Flameproof 10W027 27 Ohm 10 Watt 5% NTE10W027 2/Pk254$4.251
2N5182 Silicon NPN Transistor VHFヨUHF Amplifier255$3.651
Amphenol 26-4100-24P Male Connector257$10.981
Archer 9 Position D-Subminiature Connector Solder Type 276-1537B257$0.451
CER Diode CER70SP257$0.8512
Drake Bi Pin Lamp Socket Drake 4426000257$0.9812
Grayhill Bush Button SPDT 7-26R257$5.981
Lever Switch Switchcraft 3036D Momentary Switch ON-OFF-ON257$6.421
Nexus Connector Plug U-93A/U Male257$6.981
Solar Transonic Capacitor XT1MW .01 MFD 500 WVDC257$2.951
Arcolytic Capacitor 2uF 25WVDC Dry Electrolytic Capacitor CTA-1105258$0.656
GE 2N2728 Silicon NPN Transistor High Voltage Video Output258$1.842
ITT 2N2368 Silicon Complementary Transistors General Purpose258$1.3510
MST 2N2217 Silicon NPN Transistor General Purpose Audio Amplifier258$1.882
GI 2N4227 Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier259$0.9850
LTE 2N3015 Silicon NPN Transistor General Purpose Audio Amplifier259$2.551
Motorola 2N2646 Uni-junction Transistor259$2.881
2N918 Silicon NPN Transistor VHFUHF Amplifier260$5.861
K 2N1762 Germanium PNP Transistor Audio Frequency Power Amplifier260$6.452
Raytheon Test Jack Blue TJ-303260$0.0850
Raytheon Test Tip Jack Blue TJ-300260$0.0846
Semitronics Transistor 2N3642260$2.853
Capacitor Metal Mounting Plates for Amps and Radios by Sprague261$0.8535
Sangamo Mica Capacitor 82pF 500VDC261$0.2516
El Menco Mica Capacitor 82pF 500VDC262$0.35190
Calrad Fader Control Potentiometer for Hi-Fi MPN FC-40266$2.564
HH Smith #149 Standard 6ヤ x 0.25ヤ Extension Shaft for Volume Controls267$3.854
Kulka MS-601-12 Marker strip267$0.8537
Acorn Ceramic Socket for Antique Ham Radios and Tube Audio Amp269$4.951
Arco Silver Mica DM30F-622J 6200pF 5%269$0.4530
Dialco Bi Pin Lamps Dialco 507-4537-56K Red269$0.852
Lambda Rectifier for Lambda Power Supply FBL-00-027 / 4JA4BX460269$2.862
Zener Diodes 1N475 Voltage 2.4 to 200V Zener Diode 1N475269$0.653
Ohmite 0.35 Meg Ohm Type AB 2 Watt Potentiometer CLU-3541-Locking Type U-linear270$4.352
Ohmite Resistor 20K Ohm 2 Watt 5% Carbon Comp RC42GF203J270$0.4229
Dale Precision Power Resistor RH-10 3K Ohm 1% 10Watt RE65G3001271$1.952
El Menco Capacitor 1500pF 1000V 10% Ceramic Disc Capacitor 215pF1KVK271$0.1548
GE Transistors 2N3396271$0.866
RMC Ceramic Disc Capacitor 1500pF 1KV 10% 215pF1KVK271$0.2248
Silver Mica Capacitor 1250pF 5% 500V Solar 1250pF500VJ272$0.6550
Augat IC Socket 6 Pin MPN 406-AG39D273$0.1550
Cornell Dubilier Tiny Mike Disc Capacitor .000022MFD 2000VDC HVD20Q22273$3.651
Mallory Electrolytic Axial Capacitor 50MFD 6VDC TT6X50A273$0.985
National Brand Vacuum Tube 1A5GTG273$2.981
NU Diode NU39273$2.651
Astron Electrolytic Capacitor 10-10-10-10MFD 450-450-450-450-150V EYQ-2110274$12.851
PIO Capacitor .01 MFD 600VDC Aerovox Fixed Paper Type 89MGAY274$3.557
RCA Vacuum Tube RCA 12SH7276$3.022
Philmore Charcoal Gray Retractable Phone Cord ~10Ft long TEC25MBCG278$4.982
Sloan Indicator Lite Neon Amber 857-A-3 Made in USA279$1.057
GE Vacuum Tube 8CB11280$3.121
Vacuum Tube GE 11LQ8280$2.982
Vacuum Tube GE 12BN6280$2.951
Vacuum Tube GE 6BK7B280$3.152
MC7918CK Motorola Negative Voltage Regulator 18V281$3.557
Vishay Dale 15.8K Ohm 1% 1 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DC1W1581RA281$0.5515
Vishay Dale 16.2K Ohm 1% 1 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DC1W1621RA281$0.5522
Vishay Dale 2.63K Ohm 1% 1 Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DC1W2631RA281$0.863
Antique Radios Crosley Fusistor Plug #B-154D89-1-6283$0.3550
RMC Ceramic Disc Capacitor 1500pF 1KV 20% 215pF1KVM284$0.25350
Vetrious Power Resistor Wire wound 5K Ohm 38 Watt Hollow Core Ceramic RW35G502285$3.8519
Vishay Dale 16K Ohm 1% ½ Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DCS1/2W163RA287$0.6533
Vishay Dale 2.8K Ohm 1% ½ Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DCS1/2W282RA287$0.658
Vishay Dale 2200 Ohm 1% ½ Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DCS1/2W2200RA287$0.658
Vishay Dale 2586 Ohm 1% ½ Watt Metal Film Precision Flameproof Resistor DCS1/2W2586RA287$0.652
Arco 560pF 500V 5% ADM19-561J Dipped Silver Mica Capacitors450$0.7520
6CY5 GE Vacuum Tube507$4.954
GE Vacuum Tube 9CL8 for Antique Radios507$6.022
RCA Vacuum Tube 12AT6 for Antique Radios507$5.651
GE Mobile Radio Vacuum Tube 6661 / 6BH6566$6.232
GE Vacuum Tube 5636 Pen Type Glass Tube for Antique Radios566$3.4514
Radio Coil for Antique Radios H.F. Antenna Coil 10-35A19$4.5511
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 14 Cards #101000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 21 Cards #E1000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 22 Cards #591000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 23 Cards #161000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 24 Cards #C1000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 25 Cards #171000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 25 Cards #191000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 25 Cards #71000$9.801
Brady Self-Sticking Perma-Code Wire Markers 25 Cards #H1000$9.801
2N4409 Transistor Motorola3017$3.841
2N3710 Transistor Texas InstrumentI3017$3.841
2N4349 Transistor SD3017$4.121
2N1375 Transistor ED3017$4.251
2N2060 Transistor USN3017$4.651
2N3693 Transistor Fairchild3017$4.651