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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or Safe and Happy Holidays. Thank you for been a regular customer of ours. I know there are many options where you can buy, but you, our regulars continue to buy from us. Do note we will be closed for business during the winter holiday, or from December 15 through January 2. We will be in process of doing a much needed remodeling, and end of year re-inventory.

We have done many changes in 2018. Our biggest has been from closing our eBay store. We had an eBay store for 18 years.  We have re-directed our eBay store domain to this website.   We have learned much from eBay. Is time to move on to our own website. Ebay was good at one time, and over the years we have been spending too much time editing in order to keep up with eBay changes and less time listing our own inventory.  For 2019, our goal is to concentrate on our customers and our own site. Sales have been good so far.  At this time we are not offering any promotions because we will be setting the site in vacation mode until 01/02/19. Thank you.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Best wishes to you and your families. Thanksgiving is that time of the year
when we spend it with loved ones, and we all try to slow down for a moment to reflect and be thankful for 
everything and everyone around us. We give thanks to all our customers.
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Thanksgiving week

Hope you all will have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving week. Thank you for your purchases and for following our website. Let us know if you are looking for a part you can’t find. We may have it in stock and is not listed, or we may know who has it.   Free shipping coupon for November. Coupon code: Free-S-15 (Free shipping to USA with $15+ purchases).