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At times something must be lost in order to see it’s value

For the last few years we have been downsizing and consolidating resources. Last month we had decided to consolidate all our web stores into our eBay store. Our domain name here was re-directed to our eBay store. Then all of the sudden our eBay store traffic dropped dramatically. We knew we were getting traffic on this site and we were on the first page of Google search but the bulk of the sales were done through our eBay store. eBay no longer allows sellers to see where their traffic is coming from so we were not able to see what was going on. Well now we see the value of this store. At times you have to loose something in order to see it’s value. With eBay’s┬áconstant changes to their platform is best to have another site running just in case things go real bad on eBay. We are still planning┬áto continue to sell through eBay and you can see more items on our eBay store.